About Us

About Us

founded in Taiwan in 1999 is a well known trader and manufacturer focusing on high quality industrial LCD panels and Mechanical Parts, etc.
(1) SANSO Circulation / Magnetic Pump
Matsutec is the sales agent of SANSO pump Japan in Taiwan Area.
(2) SHARP industrial LCD panels and Displays
Our company has most LCD panel and Open Frame display stock in Asia. Currently more than 200 items and 60K pcs of LCD panels are stocked in our Taiwan and Japan warehouse.
(3) Thermocouple and Protection Tube for Thermocouple
We supply all kinds of Thermocouples and Ceramic Protection Tube.

Featuring long life and maintenance free advantages, SILICON NITRIDE (Si3N4) are used as main materials of protection tubes for thermocouple.
●There is no eluted contamination into molten aluminum.
Therefore, the purity of the metal is maintained.
●Superb thermal shock resistance.
●Light weight, high strength, and easy to handle.
●Even with flux, SILICON NITRIDE (Si3N4) are hardly eroded.
This ensures long life.

(4) Hot Air Generator
Japan designed Hot Air Generator is reliable, low noise and high efficiency,
used in many Car factories both in Japan and Tailand.
Power : 3kw - 30kw
Temperature Control : room temperature - 350℃


Perfect Quality is our goal in which we have provided the best quality with achievements in quality management system.

Matsutec will continue to work hard and sincere with its excellent quality and service to fulfill the commitment to our global customers for years to come.

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